You can drink, you can smoke, and you can stare across a candle lit table at your loved one. Or you can just drink and smoke. A multiple readers’ poll winner in the Bar for a Martini and Upscale Bar categories (its seventh straight year in the latter), 15C is a den of hidden delights located down a back alley with a purple light next to an indistinguishable door.

The Underground is quite literally a basement you can see utility beams and pipes on the ceiling, and there are mounds of crumbling dirt and drywall in the corners of the room, where dampness and decay has taken its toll (you won’t find such moldy charm above ground). But aside from its basement aesthetic, The Underground has some great acoustics (not counting the occasional sonic bleed through of whatever show’s going on upstairs in the Nile). There’s enough space for about 75 people to fit comfortably, but because the venue’s a basement, it can get really stuffy and hot when it’s packed.

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