Casual fans, though, are having a difficult time these days connecting the Memphis tournament to the faces of tennis. Since Wimbledon in 2003, 39 Grand Slam events have been played and 34 of them have been won by the most dominating trio the sport has seen since the open era began in 1968: Roger Federer (17 Grand Slam titles), Rafael Nadal (11), and Novak Djokovic (6). Troubling for the Memphis tournament and casual fans like me is the fact that no member of this triumvirate has ever played a match at The Racquet Club.

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Powell interviewed Tupac a number of times for Vibe magazine, including while the rapper was serving time in jail for a sexual abuse conviction. He joined NPR’s Renee Montagne to discuss Tupac’s lasting legacy, as well as the complexities he embodied. Hear their conversation at the audio link above, and read on for highlights..

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