These new believers had heard that there was a man that did miracles and that was executed for no reason other than jealousy, envy, and fear on a Roman cross of wood. They were ready to receive information about Jesus and were prepped to believe. The question from Paul would then prompt a lesson about Jesus and lead to the answer about this “other Comforter” that Jesus would send upon His return to the heavens..

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The break up and you ended up hurting your ex and consequently they want to remove themselves from you completely. They know that you have the potential to hurt them again so they stay away to protect themselves. Even talking to you will send out huge alarms to your ex because they know that anything you say could plunge them back into despair.

“Is there a way that we can televise the fireworks during this pandemic?” she said. “Having the fireworks would be a tradition that we continue and probably bring some into our homes, but not having people on the beach, but maybe televise it. But I do understand the crowd control component.

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