EAGLE, Idaho Eagle Road has long been known as one of the busiest, fastest growing and, at times, most frustrating thoroughfares in the Treasure Valley. But nestled on the far northern end of this busy stretch of road just past the street’s final stop sign is a scenic 200 acre plot of land quietly carrying a pedigree no other local property can claim: the last active farm left on Eagle Road, according to the property’s owners. It’s called Twin Oaks Farms, and it’s been in operation for over three decades now..

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The 2004 Phish concert in Coventry, Vermont marked the end of an artistic partnership for the history books. Over 20 years and zillions of fans had established guitarist ‘s last project as the big, bad, not even Dave Matthews can argue with this grandfather of jam rock. After the 70,000 strong crowd finally dispersed at the end of that wet August weekend, Anastasio and his bandmates did the same, thrilled to be able to let their band die in the middle of the community it had built for them..

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