Peter Borisow, President of the Hollywood Trident Foundation, underlined that Ms. Denysenko’s interest and participation in film, involvement in Ukrainian community life, and outstanding student achievements made her an excellent candidate for the scholarship. Ms.

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More than 80 per cent said government programs helping businesses through the pandemic should be extended until the end of summer. Thus far, her business has received no emergency funding from any level of government. She still be on the hook down the road for any deferred payments.

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We sit in North America, and arguably in Canada, one of the wealthiest countries in the world and we are talking about the last one per cent, stated Simpson, if we can find a way to address that, what does that say about all the other environmental challenges we are going to have? Is this a priority for our society or not? I hoping it will be. A vast expanse that stretched from Canada down to Texas, the Northern Great Plains found in Waterton, Alberta, Canada is part of this important and beautiful natural habitat. Full of rare and endemic flowers and grasses, this small piece of pristine wilderness is a landscape home to a whole complement of wildlife that depend on the habitat such as grizzly bears, wolves, cougar and deer..

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Lastly, security. People need to feel secure in their financial positions before they can thrive, and a UBI would provide that economic foundation. In addition, a Finnish basic income experiment found that recipients experienced improved mental health, confidence and life satisfaction.

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