The company has recently began expanding their advertising program over the last year, rolling out promoted and sponsored native advertising capabilities on Android and iOS., a subsidiary of Google, has had its fair share of controversy surrounding ad placement next to explicit content on their platform. In 2017, Google updated their content creation guidelines to help improve the content that is eligible for ad placement an effort intended to regain the support of wary brands. Video is a rising medium for marketers recent studies project up to 80 percent of Internet traffic will come from video by 2021 so if you’re not already, it may be a good vertical to start paying attention to..

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If I don’t like the shoulder strap anymore, I can just go with the chains or my original handles instead. Miche bag shells are also made with a material that wipes off easily, so if it gets dirty, simply take a damp cloth to your shell and wipe it off. Durability is definitely the fourth reason why I love this bag so much..

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