Was a Michigan State hockey fan for years before Northern even had the thought of having hockey, but he picked right up on Northern. As soon as they had a team, he said with who got the nickname from a sixth grade classmate who thought he had the traits of the mythical Goofus bird, was most famous for his an instrument that consisted of a mop handle, cymbals, horns, door springs, whistles, bells and everything in between. Her name was Betty..

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Janice Tower, one of Anchorage’s expert cyclists, was helping him, just as he had helped her during her early days as a racer. “Be thoughtful, be kind, be generous with your time. Don’t do it for recognition but for the joy it brings others. It was a difficult 10 minutes for Hema, one in which she couldn’t play as part of the main five. But she took a practical decision then. “I took a break and continued once my children were a little older,” she says.

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