Coping with coronavirus and the accompanying disease called COVID 19 isn easy. Many people feel overwhelmed by anxiety and fear. Your fear is shared among millions of people around the world.How do you address and help your mental health at a time of a global pandemic? Part of the fear and anxiety so many of us are feeling is perfectly reasonable and a perfectly rational response to a terrifying pandemic.

As I grinned and responded, my fellow students and instructor wondered how Mark could possibly know me. My standing in the group improved immediately and I was truly “chuffed” as we say in South Africa. I must add that I have been totally impressed by all members of the court reporting community people who do this job are greatly inspirational and wonderful role models and the faculty at Del Mar College was no exception.

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Lot of parents, when the kids are playing Doom or Quake, or whatever, thought the kids were being overly aggressive, said Will Wright, designer of SimCity, one of the most successful franchises in video game history. In fact, if you look at those games, what these kids were doing were playing with teams and they were being amazingly cooperative. Growing volume of research on cooperative violent game play suggests that team based activities may be beneficial.

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