“The Rush Limbaugh story was important because it went beyond sports,” said Hardin. They also selected posts from the top 25 general sports blogs and top 10 NFL blogs as ranked by The Sports Media Challenge, a firm that advises athletes and sports executives on media relations. The list of blogs included Deadspin and the Big Lead..

cheap nfl jerseys Following Kasa’s allegations of illegal questioning, the NFL launched an investigation into the matter, but concluded a few months later that there were no “specific violations” of applicable laws or league rules during the combine. And yet, here we are again, barely a year later, with the same allegations surfacing. Sam’s sexual orientation was considered an open secret in his college town of Columbia, Mo., and the assistant personnel man said he believed “90 percent of teams” were already aware that Sam was gay and had dropped him on their draft boards. cheap nfl jerseys

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9. Stephon Marbury: The epitome of selfishness, every NBA team Marbury played for improved after he left it. His list of accomplishments includes feuding with Coach Larry Brown about needing more freedom (that meant shots), getting into a fistfight on an airplane with Isiah Thomas and threatening to blackmail him, leaving the team after Thomas intended to remove Marbury from the starting lineup and publicly defending Michael Vick and his dog fights all while proclaiming himself the best point guard in the NBA.

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