McCain recounts fighting with his campaign staff over his first pick, the Democratic Sen. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut, who had been Al Gore’s running mate in 2000. Relenting, McCain looks around as the Republican convention in St. 8). Havers owns single season career best totals of 138 rebounds, 29 assists and 24 blocks. She ranks 11th in the Big Ten with 6.6 boards per game, and tied for 11th with 1.1 blocks per contest.

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Opendorse is an athlete marketing agency co founded by former Huskers and Hurrdat co founders Adi Kunalic and Blake Lawrence with offices in Lincoln and New York. Using the platform, athletes can make money by approving social media content from sponsoring brands and posting it to their followers. The company was born from a desire to capitalize on the influence that athlete marketing can have on audience interaction, game attendance, merchandise sales, corporate partnerships, recruitment and viewership..

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