PITTSBURGH Pirates Manager Clint Hurdle urges his players: Tell your dad you love him. Give him a hug. Call someone else you love, offer your support, and ask how you can help. In the spring of 2019, Costello said, Rivera paid a visit to her mother, his former office manager. Finley was 90, and by then she had dementia. Still, Costello said, her mother’s eyes widened when Dr.

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“It is a liberating book because it reframed the central problem at the heart of modern economics,” Carter writes: an economics concerned more with abundance and fairness than scarcity and efficiency. “It is a frustrating book because it is written in novel abstractions, argued in convoluted sentences and dense equations. And it is a work of genius because it offers a simple truth that, once offered, seems obvious: Prosperity is not hard wired into human beings; it must be orchestrated and sustained by political leadership.”.

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