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cheap nfl jerseys Those involved in the effort expect to have six to eight of the vaccines being tested make it to subsequent rounds of trials, the official said.Officials hope to have three to four vaccines make it through final testing and be made available, but that depends on how the testing and clinical trials proceed and how successful they are.The Department of Health and Human Services division tasked with vaccine development, BARDA, has seen its leadership in flux after the former directorDr. Rick Brightwas ousted. Bright filed a formal whistleblower complaint on Tuesday alleging his early warnings about coronavirus were ignored that that his concerns about promoting an untested therapeutic heralded by the President led to his ouster.BARDA has issued close to $1 billion in grants to Moderna and Johnson Johnson to develop a vaccine.While the task force has discussed these issues over the past two months, there hasn been a central figure to coordinate them specifically cheap nfl jerseys.