The Knife’s EdgeThe night was cold and raw, with winds gusting up to forty miles per hour, but as I walked through the chill to the sideline of the M Bank Stadium on December 3, 2007, I was reminded of how much I love the game of professional football.The team I coached, the Baltimore Ravens, was free falling through a painful losing streak, standing at 4 7 after five straight losses. People were calling for my job and questioning whether I’d lost my team. We were going into a game against the 11 0 New England Patriots, the most imposing team the league had seen in more than twenty seasons, and few people outside the Ravens’ locker room gave us much of a chance.But all week long, we had felt otherwise.

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CORNERBACKS COACH MIKE REED: “The Falcons are getting a very highly skilled defensive back and a true professional on and off the field. He came in here with a business like approach on day one. He’s a huge competitor, loves to work, loves to play football, loves to compete.

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