Are going to get that son of a gun. We will bear down this offseason and make sure we get better. Pats looked done when a Brady pass went off Rob Gronkowski hands and to Charvarius Ward. Defensive end Trey Flowers is the team’s best defensive lineman with 7.5 sacks, but has to do a better job of converting quarterback pressures into sacks. John Simon was nice pickup and moved up the depth chart. Adrian Clayborn was a huge disappointment as he often was pushed past the quarterback.

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He is entering one of the most disfuntional locker rooms in the NFL, and while Sanchez is by far the superior passer between the two, it seems he does not have the ability to control his offence at times. If he falters this season the calls from the crowd for “Tebow” ” Tebow ” will be so loud they will hear them in Denver, and one can bet Mr. Ryan will not hesitate to pull Sanchez..

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