You have a number of broad options to select from different designs including cross stripes, pinstripes, vertical stripes and more. Its often styled under sports jackets or suits and with a necktie. During hot days, you can pair your favorite dress shirts with shorts and jeans to create a casual chic vibe..

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There are different categories presented for prices making it possible for you to go straight to the category you want. Blouse styles available are casual, vintage, sexy, wear to work, cute, and sweet. For the sleeves, you can choose among short sleeve, long sleeve, sleeveless, three quarter length sleeve, and half length sleeves.

That what Yash Nagpal, 27 a customer service manager in Mumbai, has been doing during the lockdown. Work almost non stop for five or six hours a day either at my job, or doing tasks in the home, or attending online classes as part of my upskilling agenda, he says. Don allow myself to cheat during this time.

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