Rookie wide receiver Ty Montgomery of the Green Bay Packers returned to practice for the first time in three weeks following an injury. Montgomery was hopeful to play in Sunday’s 28 7 win against Dallas. Green Bay erred on the side of caution with Montgomery and held him out for one more week.

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cheap jerseys That said, I also interview a female hooligan from Germany who spent her childhood soaking up the violence of guys who spent every weekend beating “the shit out of each other. I heard one riot expert claim that more women get in fistfights at games these days than men. I think that a testament to YouTube and Vine and the viral nature of fan misbehavior.

It also close enough to The Matrix to excite all these people. Xavier Palomer Ripoll has come from Spain to work for three months at Rothenberg Ventures VR accelerator. He created a bunch of animated situations that allow therapists to use immersion therapy with clients who have anxiety disorders, letting them virtually sit on a plane or ride in an elevator, for example.

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