“But it seems as if the BTP’s top officer in Scotland has failed to learn the lessons of the Catherine Calderwood debacle, and believes there is one rule for him, and one rule for the rest of us.”This could have serious consequences for the BTP’s ability to police the lockdown, which could in turn endanger public safety in Scotland.”Eddie Wylie has serious questions to answer.”A complaint has been made about the BTP head’s trips via the force’s confidential whistleblower system.One BTP source told the Record: “He is going back and forth to his second home in Yorkshire when his own officers are warning people over unnecessary travel.”That would strike any reasonable person as just plain wrong surely. The whole place is honestly really angry and frustrated with him.”The whistleblower added: “He kept his house in Yorkshire and that’s where he and his wife generally stay.”The whole place knows he’s doing it, which makes it worse, as he’s got no justification for driving back down to Yorkshire other than seeing his wife but that’s obviously not allowed in these circumstances, given the distance he’s travelling to do so.(Image: Ross Turpie)”He has no legitimate work reason to be in Yorkshire. It just suits him domestically, that’s all.

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