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wholesale jerseys Supercross, in partnership with the Alpinestars Medical Unit, has a trained medical team of 7 professionals to assist on site.The racing format has been adjusted to reduce the number of athletes to stay within the minimum requirements and a standard race format will be used for all seven rounds, except for the finale which will be an Eastern/Western Regional 250SX Class Showdown.Supercross Race Format for Final Seven Rounds:450SX Class 40 Riders based on current point standings and 2020 top 100 number or combined season qualifying results250SX Class 40 Riders based on current point standings and 2020 top 100 number or combined season qualifying resultsTwo qualifying sessions will be held for gate pick250SX Class Two Heat Races and a Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ)450SX Class Two Heat Races and a Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ)250SX Class Main Event450SX Class Main EventIn the final seven races, three champions will be crowned one in the 450SX Class and two in the 250SX Eastern and Western Regional Classes. It is the hope of the series that the final seven races will start to bring some normalcy to race fans by creating memorable experiences through the live television broadcast that continue to bring people together via a shared experience while also uplifting the human spirit, as all forms of sport do.Supercross athletes have little to no contact as riders race solo against other competitors and wear several protective elements full face helmets that cover the mouth, goggles, gloves, jerseys and pants that leave little to no skin exposed, plus fully secured knee high boots.Supercross partners Oakley, Toyota and VP Racing Fuels have been lending their expertise to the medical community and first responders by developing and mass producing protective shields, eyewear and hand sanitizer. This type of expertise that exists within the industry, coupled with Utah’s leadership and Feld Entertainment’s live event experience will all factor in to helping the industry get back to racing while aiding in the recovery and healing process nationwide wholesale jerseys.