Delta Corp has multiple supports in the range of Rs 95 100. Yesterday stock made a low of Rs 95 and bounced back sharply along with good volumes. Accordingly I recommend going long on it in the range of Rs 100 103 with a target of Rs 110 maintaining stop loss of 95..

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wholesale jerseys You can unsubscribe at any time.Thank you for subscribingWe have more newslettersShow meSee ourprivacy noticeBy 11.30 on Sunday night, American football fans around the world will have their bowls of “chips”, “wing dip” and some cold “brewskis” set up just in time for Super Bowl LIV.To those of us in Scotland, that’s crisps, spicy sauce, beers and Super Bowl 54.It might not be anywhere near as popular as the version we all love but quite often hate in this country, but the NFL has a strong following in this country.There will be numerous Super Bowl parties taking place as the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers go head to head at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami.But for those who don’t settle down to watch “Amercia’s Game” on Sky s every Sunday evening, the old pigskin and the sheer scale of it will probably pass them by.Jamie Gillan, Scottish punter for the Cleveland Browns used to be the same, as a rugby playing kid in the Highlands then a rugby playing teen in America.After showing his high school coach he could kick better than the current incumbent on his team however, he was in, and has since gone to college on a football scholarship and now plies his trade in the NFL.And despite being immersed in the culture, the numbers still blow the mind of the man dubbed “The Scottish Hammer”.”It’s mental,” he said. “I mean, for one, we’re reeling in 67,000 to every game.”t’s just awesome how passionate Americans are about their sport.”How many does Murrayfield seat, 67,000? And I know there was a spell when Scotland were struggling to fill it.”Cleveland Browns fans will come, 67,000 of them, roaring for a three and a half hour game every Sunday.”The first time I went on, the place was vibrating, the ground was actually shaking. I just said let’s go, let’s get it done.”They are so passionate, the Cleveland fans wholesale jerseys.