The Steelers were down 10 coming into the fourth quarter, and that’s when they kicked it into gear. Mendenhall scored on a short 1 yard run early in the fourthto trim the lead to 16 13. With less than five minutes to go, Big Ben hit Wallace for a 25 yard strike and the go ahead touchdown.

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Taylor Mays, 25, a strong safety with the Bengals, is the son of former NFL defensive lineman Stafford Mays and Laurie Mays (nee Black). The six foot three 220 pound defensive back played in all 16 games last season and started in three. Taylor was raised in his mom religion and had a bar mitzvah..

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They had an effective running game, finishing second in the league in yards gained and first in average yards per carry, but they also had a very productive passing attack. In fact, it was kind of a high risk, high reward situation. Only three teams in the league threw more interceptions than the Steelers, but Pittsburgh was second in the league in passing yards and second in average gain per pass attempt.. cheap jerseys According to ESPN’s David Purdum, the smoking gun in the Shaw affair was a three team parlay he bet on Sunday, Nov. 10, at a Caesars sportsbook in Las Vegas. While wagering on the outcome of any NFL game is expressly prohibited by the language of the league’s official gambling policy, Shaw’s decision to bet against his own team set off all sorts of klaxons and sirens on Park Avenue. cheap jerseys

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wholesale nfl jerseys from china “That’s a little brother,” Robinson said. “I talked to him a little bit when I went back my first two years and talking to him. When he got drafted, I called and talked to him, so I’m happy for him that he’s here. However, the League’s commissioner, Roger Goodell, has warned that he is ‘prepared to make adjustments as necessary’ should the COVID 19 pandemic stretch into the later part of the year.’The release of the NFL schedule is something our fans eagerly anticipate every year, as they look forward with hope and optimism to the season ahead,’ he stated.The NFL has unveiled its 2020 schedule, with the season set to kick off in Kansas City on Thursday, September 10. Defending Super Bowl champions Kansas City Chiefs will host the Houston Texans for the opener, which will be played at Arrowhead Stadium. Pictured left: Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins wholesale nfl jerseys from china.