Move there, Bummer? How would I feed myself up there? Besides, it’s too small and remote for me. I took a little road trip (well, almost 1K miles ) and went to Canyon de Chelly hadn’t visited before. Since I stayed in Holbrook, I drove through Snowflake on the way back.

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The Packers rolled to 13 victories and an NFC North Division crown last season, but they bowed out to the San Francisco 49ers, the eventual Super Bowl runners up, in an NFC Conference Championship game that wasn very competitive. Still, the Packers had a very good regular season and they exceeded their win/loss total number by miles in 2019. Can they do it again?.

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Vittert said there were no markings on him or the crew’s equipment to identify them as from Fox. But he said during the demonstration, one man continually asked him who he worked for. He didn’t answer, but the man found a picture of Vittert on his cell phone and shouted to other protesters that he was from Fox..

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