Another 557, or 15%, are 70 and older.Here’s the breakdown: ages 0 9 (41), ages 10 19 (134), ages 20 29 (551), ages 30 39 (633), ages 40 49 (636), ages 50 59 (654), ages 60 69 (510), ages 70 79 (329), ages 80 plus (228).Gender: So far, 1,963 of the cases are among women, or 53%, and 1,759, or 47%, are among men. But more men have died: 81 compared to 59 women. Currently, 52 people with confirmed coronavirus cases are hospitalized, including 20 in intensive care and nine on ventilators.Its earlier analysis proved confusing, the report said, because it was based on limited medical information.

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